Issues In The Workplace: Office Bullying

Bullying is something that happens more commonly in the school. However, it is also a concern in the workplace. Just like school bullying, the bullies at work typically shows aggressive behavior towards the target. According to studies, a lot of employees have either experienced or seen workplace bullying in one way or another. Let’s further explore the issue of workplace bullying.
Bullies target individuals who represent a threat to them in the organization. Frequently, the target of the bully is someone who is highly capable and confident. Truth be told, targets are frequently the most talented individual in the team. It’s all about rivalry and competition for the bully or a characteristics of a workplace bully. Office bullies regularly target the ones who exceed expectations and are preferred by their bosses. Bullies focus on targeting these individuals to make themselves seem more powerful and capable. And at the same time, they want their targets to look less competent.

Needless to say, most bullies have a lot of insecurities and they don’t know how to deal with them. So they would usually resort to dirty tactics. They would take credit for your work and make it look like you’re doing poorly at your job. They try to become masters of manipulation in order to gain more influence within the company.
Why are there bullies?
Bullies exist because of several possible reasons. First, they could have been bullied back in their childhood. They were probably that kid in school that the bullies picked on. And now that they have power at work, they’re taking out their negative emotions on other coworkers. It could be some sort of retribution for them. Another reason could be because they are just plain psychopaths. They get a kick out of power tripping and making other people suffer.
Who are the common targets?
Office bullies regularly go after the coworkers who are reasonable, fair and moral or have solid ethics and trustworthiness, particularly if the bully does not have those qualities or if the coworker’s personal values significantly differ with those of the bully.
Bullies also target the ones who are particularly non-confrontational and passive. What’s more, bullies may target newer or less experienced colleagues. Bullies are actually powerless themselves and harassing encourages them to cover their own particular weaknesses and create the appearance that they are in charge. Women and people of color are also more vulnerable to workplace bullying.
What should you do?
If you are a target of workplace bullying, then try to figure out the best approach. You can try discussing it with your supervisor if the problem is one of your team members. If you know that your supervisor is impartial, then this could work out. However, if the problem is your manager, then there’s something else you can do. Try to collaborate or interact more with other influential people in the office. This way, your manager will see that you are not completely powerless.